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I had a moment of surprise and shock with a womyn friend recently.  It lit a fire in me that seemed to have been smoldering for decades.

I was in disagreement with how a gal friend of mind felt about the actress Ashley Judd—a fellow womyn—who stepped forward to “out” a sexual predator.  She didn’t agree with it, and I did.

This is a defining moment in history for us womyn to rise up through the masculine energy to say NO MORE and claim our power.  We are doing that by speaking out against sexual harassment.  I say hell YES!  Go Ashley go.  We are experiencing an unprecedented and divine moment in our culture.

I didn’t want to convince my friend to join me in my passion to fight for all womyn (and men) who have been sexually abused or assaulted.  This was my fire, not hers.  Education and facts are key.  Whatever she decides, I accept.  It is her own choice to feel the way she does.

Why was I so fired up about this?  Well of course I KNEW why.  #MeToo.

When I was about 13 years old I was sexually assaulted by a family friend.  Of course I could not keep quiet because my mind and body were producing migraine headaches and I did not want to go to this person’s house anymore.  Luckily my parents saw what was happening and they knew me well enough to know this was not normal behavior for me.  They were very loving and supportive, and they provided the environment for me to heal, to release and to forgive.

What a freeing moment for me and so many others who feel safe to say “me too.”  It is a moment of celebration.  We didn’t feel safe to share the truth and the pain we went through for fear of being judged.  Now we do.  It is amazing.

So how do we support those who have been sexually abused or assaulted?

We no longer sit silent when someone makes an inappropriate sexual comment to someone, including ourselves.  We simply say, “That was inappropriate and makes me uncomfortable.”

When a friend shares their sexual abuse story, listen with no judgment.  Allow them to speak about it and thank them for their courage to do so.  I find that when I say “I am so sorry you had to go through that,” it allows the person who is sharing to feel some relief.  I often share my own story to let them know they are not alone and that they can heal.

I am proud to expand the #MeToo movement by supporting Ashley’s courage and by finding my own courage to share my story too.  When we release ourselves from these types of dark energies, it allows us to manifest the life we want to create.  Today, choose to set yourself free with a #MeToo or a story from your past you are guarding.  Know you are not alone.  We Rise Together!


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