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I shared this photo with my father and sister in the background on social media in March. I was getting ready to go present on “Permission to Choose You” and I was reflecting on how grateful I was to be asked to speak at this event. As I was getting ready I felt an overwhelming appreciation for those in my life who have inspired me to speak my truth and helped others by leading by example.

Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility and transforms the way you perceive your own capabilities. This is why you want inspiration in your life. Inspiration is not just for artists or those with creative skills. You need inspiration to fuel your soul so you rise up above the stress and worry in life. Inspiration raises your vibration to help you see a direction for yourself in life. It is food for your soul that drives you to be a better person and be the person you want to be.

We have different sources of inspiration. While you may be inspired by travel and nature, others get fired up from socializing and talking to people, but there are those who draw inspiration from quotes about life or inspired by a video that touches their heart.

I feel inspiration is an important component to your success in life—without it you lack desire and momentum of action. It provides momentum to you when the chips are down.

Ask yourself two questions:

  1. Do I know who or what inspires me? If not, take some time to allow your inspiration to come forth. You may not realize it but notice how you feel after you have a great conversation or after you take time in nature or watch a movie where the underdog succeeds.
  2. How can I recognize or provide inspiration daily for myself? This could be putting on your favorite song to sing and dance to, or reading inspirational quotes, or it could be swapping watching the news for laughter with Ellen.

Inspiration raises your energetic vibration and when you do, you see, feel and operate differently in the world. The world needs more of that…don’t you agree?

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