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What do you do when adversity occurs in your life?  How do you react? Do you feel it?  How do you process it?

We as womyn often internalize our feelings when bad things happen to us.  We don’t allow ourselves to feel or process the disappointment or the anger.  We may even shame ourselves by thinking we “shouldn’t” feel upset…or worse we take the blame ourselves.

Part of my professional life is working with businesses as a consultant and sales and marketing coach.  I have more than 25 years of sales and marketing management experience, and I served as a Chief Operations Officer (COO).  I have been a business owner for the past 12 years, and I have discovered that you are NEVER too old to learn lessons from your clients—many good and some bad.

I recently had a business refuse to pay me for my work.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a signed, revised contract.  That was a big mistake.  I immediately placed the blame on this heart-centered business and told myself they were out of sync with integrity.  I felt that way for about a minute, but then I had to take ownership of how I did not clearly communicate with them when things changed with my job duties.

When adversity happens, do you allow yourself to get mad about it?  I encourage you to express your anger.  I cuss out loud and it helps me process my frustration, and then I punch the air hard and fast like a boxer.  It releases most of the anger in my body.

For decades I didn’t allow myself to feel my emotions—especially the sadness, disappointment and anger.  I didn’t know that I was storing it up in my body to manifest into something physical and much more serious later.  It became an autoimmune illness that took several years for me to heal.

When you numb yourself to sadness, you also numb yourself to happiness and joy.  One of the amazing things about being human is that we are able to have a wide range of emotions.

Think of your feelings as waves in the ocean.  They come and go, rise and fall. No feeling lasts forever.  Anger and sadness are necessary to feel.  It allows you to process the emotion so it doesn’t manifest into something more serious in the body.  See your emotions and feelings as gifts because the adversity you are experiencing helps you grow more as a womyn.

After you allow yourself to feel, then take action to process through it.  Do something that will help clear your head and heart when you’ve experienced a negative shot.  I like to get outside and physically move and connect to nature.  The energy of nature always shifts the dark clouds in my head and grounds my heart so I can return to a higher vibration to manifest more magic in my life.

What will you do to clear your head and heart when adversity strikes?


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This article was first published by Sibella Publication online April 2018 issue of Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine



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