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Eeeegads it is hard to be vulnerable …don’t you think?

When I sat down to write as a co-author of the book Women Who Inspire (available Sept. 26th!), I didn’t have any issues with writer’s block BUT being vulnerable was sooooo scary to me.

Thoughts and emotions I hadn’t felt in a long, long time poured out on the paper. I felt uncomfortable at one particular moment and said to myself, “You can no longer hide, what the hell are you doing?”


Then in next moment I had excitement to tell my truth of “pain to triumph” as I pounded away on my keyboard. I thought about people suffering and knew if my story gave someone permission to choose themselves first—no matter the pain—then I wanted to be that messenger.

Some of what I shared happened over 30 years ago. I realized your life isn’t a straight line—it is really a spiral. Revisiting these experiences has provided me a different perspective to it all.

In sharing my vulnerability it allowed me to come back to those memories and see a much deeper truth for myself. It grounded me to a new level of peace and acceptance.

What a gift!

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