For years I have thought that something was wrong with me. Why do I feel so deeply while others do not? Why do I feel drained after hearing a friend’s painful story? Why am I engulfed in sadness after I walked by a stranger and said hello? Maybe you too have felt the same as me.

I am an empath. To be an empath means you actually feel various feelings from others as if they are your own. There is a difference between being an empath and having empathy for others. To feel empathetic is to have the ability to imagine other people’s feelings and to relate to what they are going through.

Everything is made of energy, including emotions. Empaths energetically internalize the feelings of others and often have trouble distinguishing whether they are experiencing their own emotions or someone else’s emotions. Empaths have the tendency to absorb and take responsibility for the negative energy of others as well and this can become toxic to the body.

A while ago I traveled to a very well-known personal development event and was excited to take in the three-and-a-half day immersion. The night before it started I stood in a line for more than three hours to register and pick up course materials. I was told there were almost 7,000 people attending the program.

I awoke the next morning with a sick headache and felt like a semi-truck had hit me. When I started to feel better, I took a shower to get ready for the event—and the sickness hit me all over again. I did not have the flu. I was perplexed as to why my body was clearly rejecting the opportunity to attend this event.

It wasn’t until recently that it all made sense to me. Because I am an empath, large crowds short-circuit my energy and I absorb other people’s energies. At that time I wasn’t evolved enough in my understanding of being an empath and what I could do to protect myself. Now I am!

Empaths are often told they are sensitive. I always took that as a negative until I realized the blessings of this gift. My intuitive abilities have skyrocketed as I learned to manage my energy. This has allowed my clients to experience deeper results during their coaching sessions.

Empaths instinctively understand that the world’s problems will not be solved by hate and rejection, but rather by love and understanding. It is wondrous to consistently feel love and be a holistic aid to my friends and family because I am emitting positive vibes that help other people rise up and feel good.

My manifesting abilities have become stronger because of the combination of these high vibes and the power of intention. With daily expression of appreciation it creates an easier flow to manifest my desires, goals and dreams.

Being an empath is a gift that keeps on giving.


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I was asked by the editor and then selected to be a contributing author for the international publication, Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine for the next year.  This online magazine has 45,000 readers globally and believes each womyn’s life purpose is forever in process—leading, directing, and calling her toward her highest good.  This is in alignment with my passion to connect womyn to their power within.  I am THRILLED to share my wisdom and nuggets I have learned along the way to a broader audience.  It was a vision I created a year ago and now it has come to form.  Yipaeeeee!  Please do not give up on your dreams…keep dreaming BIG!