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It’s the New Year—a blank canvas is available for you to paint your world however you want.  But, we must say “no” to New Year’s resolutions. Here is why…

In order to create the life you want, you need forward-moving energy that raises your vibration. “Resolution” is a heavy word and the definition sets you up for failure. The word itself means: the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.

It basically says you are a problem that needs solving, which is how we have been conditioned to think.  The act of creating a resolution says you identify yourself with a problem, so we create a resolution based on the thought that we are not good enough.  Can you see how resolutions often fail?

You are a divine human being with infinite possibilities for your life. Wow, embrace those words and that truth for yourself.  The first step to realizing this is to shift the word from “resolution” to “intention”.  Intention is a higher vibrational word and means: a thing intended; an aim, plan or purpose.

This definition is forward-moving for you to create action.  Say “My intention is…“ and then say “My resolution is…” Feel the energetic difference—the first lifts you up while the second feels heavy.

An intention is a guide on how you want to be, live, and show up in the world.  Setting intentions allows you to connect to the power within yourself to create the life you desire.  Intentions resonate with the fact that what you think determines what happens to you.

Intentions can be specific wishes or dreams, or as simple as a word or phrase you would like to align yourself with.  For example, “My intention today is to open my mind and heart,” or “My intention today is to provide compassion for myself and others.”

Keep the intention positive.  Instead of saying, “My intention is to stop being a coward,” choose, “My intention is to be courageous” or “My intention is to shine my light.”

To help you understand even further, contemplate the difference between making a resolution to go to the gym 3 times a week, and setting the intention to live a healthier lifestyle?  The former is a command and I may beat myself up over my inability to maintain the resolution. This leads to a cycle of negative thinking and the resolution dissolves.

My intention to live a healthier lifestyle, however, may include the gym or it may mean a thirty-minute walk around my neighborhood, eating healthier meals or telling myself daily “I love you.” I can feed my intention to live a healthier life in ways I cannot feed a resolution to go to the gym, because there is only one way to satisfy the latter requirement.

Intention offers us the chance to be creative and collaborative, and it raises our vibration.  What intentions will you start setting for yourself today?

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This article was first published by Sibella Publication online January 2018 issue of Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine