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I was asked by the editor and then selected to be a contributing author for the international publication, Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine for the next year.  This online magazine has 45,000 readers globally and believes each womyn’s life purpose is forever in process—leading, directing, and calling her toward her highest good.  This is in alignment with my passion to connect womyn to their power within.  I am THRILLED to share my wisdom and nuggets I have learned along the way to a broader audience.  It was a vision I created a year ago and now it has come to form.  Yipaeeeee!  Please do not give up on your dreams…keep dreaming BIG!


Did you know that if you focus on increasing your vibration you attract more in your life?  Many years ago I was on a wellness journey, working my way back to standing on my own two feet for more than one hour a day after struggling 2+ years with an autoimmune disease. During this time, I read books on health and wellness in order to change everything in my life to increase my energy vibration.

I learned that I am made up of energy and that my thoughts affect my energy level.  I also learned that food affects my energy level too.  What the heck!  Why didn’t anyone tell me that the daily Snickers & Babe Ruth candy bars and once-a-week alcoholic drink were lowering my energy level?  I blamed other people for my problems and that was bringing my vibration down as well.

Blame is one of the lowest vibrations on the “Map of the Scale of Consciousness”, coming in at Level 30 (with shame being the lowest at Level 20).  This scale was created by David R. Hawkins, an internationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, consciousness researcher and spiritual teacher.

Let me explain about our frequency, or vibration of energy.  Everything is energy.  Even the tiniest level of energy can be measured. Quantum Mechanics has discovered that atoms and sub-atoms are in fact composed of packets of energy.  Now with leading research on human consciousness, it has been discovered that each human emotion has a vibration in the exact same way that matter in the world does.  When your positive energy rises, so does the vibration of every cell in your body.

Positive thoughts raise your frequency by 10 and negative thoughts lower it by 12.  Meditation and prayer raise it by 15. Eating fresh produce increases our vibration by 15, and eating processed food results in a big fat zero.

For years I was a processed sugar junkie, Wheat Thins lover, and Saltine crackers with butter kind of girl.  I thrived on drama, talked about everyone else’s problems, and was a workaholic—I was a low vibration ticking time bomb.

One thing that shifted me to immediately experience higher vibrations of Love, Joy and Peace was the art of practicing Gratitude.  A daily Gratitude Journal has been part of my lifestyle for 11 years now.  Gratitude can go to 900 on the Scale of Consciousness when done properly and for long periods.  It is higher than Love, Peace or Joy at 500, 540 and 600 respectively.

Buy a journal or notepad and leave it somewhere where you will see it daily, like on your nightstand or in the kitchen.  Commit to writing 10 Gratitude statements about your life every day.

When you raise your vibration, your life will change for the positive and manifesting things into your life will happen more easily.  Trust me, I know!  I am now a healthy 55-year-old woman who can run up the stairs, two at a time.  Let’s start today raising our vibration!


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This article was first published by Sibella Publication online July 2017 issue of Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine