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Do you believe in perfect health?  I thought I did, but then adversity struck and I had to focus on the message my body was trying to tell me.  We must ask “why” and then be open to receive the awareness.

Recently I was reflecting about how for the past three months, something with my health knocked me out of my flow.  I asked myself why and said, “I am open to receive the answer and to take action.”

To my surprise my inner voice said, “You don’t believe you can have perfect health.”

How can that be?

I got this feeling I was settling.  Over the last few years, family and friends have experienced aliments and disharmony in their bodies, and I allowed this to become my norm.  WHAT the hell!

I realized I needed to shift my reality—I can create anything I desire!  One of the key ingredients is to “believe”.  In order to believe you have to create the landscape of new thought patterns, so taking action to do that is crucial.  I was motivated to create a new reality for myself so I wouldn’t have a fourth month where I was knocked down with a viral infection or a detox issue.

I created a new morning ritual that consisted of over 33 power statements on health and wellness.  I was guided to do this ritual for 33 days. I said the statements three times in the morning and evening, with one of the times being in front of a mirror.  Also, every morning I wrote out a few lines of what my vision looked like for vibrant health along with about 5-10 power statements about it—every day I acted as if I was living that vision.  I dreamt about total body and mind wellness operating at optimum state.  I also started my day off with a morning meditation specific on “perfect health”.

I made the commitment to myself to get up an extra hour early every day to create my new landscape for myself.  Within the first 24 hours I could feel myself come alive and felt the shift in my belief pattern.  Every time a negative thought came into my consciousness I would just say, “My capacity to receive perfect health expands infinitely like the Universe. Yes, yes, yes, I believe in total body and mind wellness.”

Am I a 100% believer that I can have perfect health?  I do now after feeding my mind better nourishment to achieve that with a new daily ritual lifestyle.

In your life, what belief patterns do you need to release?  If you are experiencing disharmony in your body, ask yourself if you believe your body can create perfect health.  If the answer is no, join me in creating a daily ritual for yourself to create the landscape within to believe that you can.  You are worth it!


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This article was first published by Sibella Publication online May 2018 issue of Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine



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