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Yesterday I had a day of “What the hell am I doing?”

Ever have one of those days? Ha! I am sure you have.

As an entrepreneur my expertise is life coach, manifest mentor, bestselling author, sales trainer and speaker. My passion is to help people connect to their power within and rise up more to their greatness both in their personal and business world.

When you are pushing your boundaries to grow, the gremlins inside of you often raise their naughty voices saying all sorts of gunk to you.

Recognize that this means you are ready to shift.

A great way to help you transition through it is write it out and/or talk out the challenge and the FEELings of uncertainty. Very important to acknowledge the feeling.

Know that everything you desire is often on the other side of fear. Fear shows up as tension, anxiety, nervousness, worry, doubt, insecurity, feeling not good enough, or unworthiness.

Allow yourself the space of the uncertainty, feel the feeling, then take action:

  1. Identify the issue/challenge/uncertainty
  2. Write it out and/or speak it out the feeling of the yuckiness (the fear)
  3. Make a plan or provide yourself a solution
  4. Take action: “and here is what is next to do…”

Hugs and love to you…know you are not alone along this journey.

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