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I spent most of my life avoiding it. When I say avoiding it I mean not dealing with it. You know, something bad happens to you and you just soldier on…suck it up…grin and bear it…got to be strong.

Well I say screw ALL of that!

When we don’t allow ourselves to feel or express how a situation sucks—like me becoming a widow at 37—it stores up in the body and manifests into illness like depression, anxiety or bigger cancer. I stored up all my challenges and in the book, “Women Who Inspire”, you will find out what happened.

We must feel the pain and know “this too will pass.” I use those words when challenges arise. I like to tell myself to feel it: “Allow me to feel the pain and then release it. I know this too will pass.”

Every painful experience I went through allowed me to make a soulful connection to my heart. If I didn’t experience that pain I wouldn’t have the empathy I have for others who experience challenges. I can relate which allows me to feel compassion toward their situation.

Pain gives you depth and deeper meaning to discover your truth. So next time when you feel like your heart is breaking because of the pain you’re going through, KNOW this too will pass, but also step back and allow that next level of depth to occur in your soul by saying….

“I’m open to receive the light of this experience.”

Come be inspired by all the co-authors in the book “Women Who Inspire.” It will impact your heart and allow you to see more of your truth…

How to purchase the book and free prizes available for the book launch are here:


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