Tally Hayden, Co-Author of “Women Who Inspire”, Featured in MKE Lifestyle Magazine

The article reads…

Brookfield resident Tally Hayden contributed her story, “The Things in My Life Happened For Me and Not To Me,” to this moving collection of essays. Hayden wrote about how she healed herself from a serious illness. She says, “I want people—especially women—to know they are not alone in whatever they are going through. As a business and life coach, it is important to understand that things happen “for” us. Often, in the midst of misfortune, we see ourselves as victims and feel we are not good enough. Every human being is here to shine their light and share their gifts and talents.”

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Self-Love Changes Everything

by TALLY HAYDEN & REV. DR. RACHEL WETZSTEON | REV with Rachel eWomen Podcast Network

“In episode 20 of REV With Rachel, Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon interviews Tally Hayden, co-author of Women Who Inspire, manifest mentor, life coach, and purposepreneur. Tally shares her story how practicing self-love healed what she calls her “autoimmune project.” Tally also gives us 5 tips for Self-Love Magic! She is a beautiful, heart-centered soul…listen in! For more information about Tally and to get her book, go to www.TallyHayden.com/Women-Who-Inspire.”

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Women Who Inspire


From Jenna Edwards, speaker and writer:

In the Women Who Inspire book, Tally Hayden takes us on a journey from what she thought would be her fairytale existence through a treacherous reality and on into a better than expected reality that she created through her deep-dive into self-work. Her chapter entitled “The Me I Was Meant to Be” is something a lot of women can relate to and her approach to overcoming the obstacles in her path is inspiring.

During our conversation, Tally and I talk about how we are raised with these beliefs and sometimes they are not serving us. It is a lively conversation about observing what your life is like, understanding if it’s actually the life you want to be living and then deciding to change it if it isn’t. It’s a conversation you don’t want to miss!

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“Tally shares how the gut and brain interact with one another. She also shares some interesting stats on sugar and its effect on our health. One stat for you – 1 tsp. of sugar stifles our immune system for 6 hours.”