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Manifesting Your Life: 5 Do’s & Dont’s

Learn 5 tips and 5 mistakes when it comes to mapping out your life vision and dreams!


Become the Architect of Your Life!

  • Debunk the one myth that sabotages your vision from happening
  • Discover 7 reasons why your dreams haven’t manifested
  • Learn tips and tricks for manifesting your life and creating your vision

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I have had the great pleasure of working with Tally Hayden over the last seven years. She has served as a liaison for my movement and in that time I have witnessed her positively impacting countless lives through her ability to ‘coach’ people up to a better place. Tally is a master ‘connector’. Her ability to meet someone exactly where they are with compassion and understanding -as she passionately inspires them to higher action and accountability – is remarkable.  I always knew that if someone in my movement was struggling or getting lost and derailed, it was time for them to spend a little time with Tally. Dr. Michael Cotton ~ Founder, Higher Brain Living®