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Shedding the weight is not just pounds…it is mind, body and spirit. We are not meant to struggle…

“Lightness is my true self.”

Connect to the power of the flow that is there for you. One of the reasons I love nature so much is because it allows me to connect to this lightness.

Everything in nature happens with lightness and ease in the moment—no effort. Roses bloom and the sun shines even through the darkest clouds…effortlessly.

The heaviness of our burdens comes from our attachment to past pain and trauma, as well as anxiety and fear of the future.

When we choose to commit to the lightness and ease of the present moment we experience endless renewal and boundless abundance. This is our essential nature. This energy is our light.

It’s time to raise your vibration and shift from negative thinking to a more positive light. When we do manifesting magic happens more easily.

Say this power statement to help you choose the light:  “I am renewed in the present moment.”

Let’s make some magic happen for you…


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