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Today I listened to a meditation from Oprah and Deepak called “Living Optimism”. Here are some thoughts that came to me after the meditation…

Oprah said you do not become what you want, you don’t get what you wish for in life, “you become what you believe.” In this way, truly living with optimism embodying positivity, we manifest that in which we project into the world. Realize our bodies do just that…that is where YOUR POWER is. As a result of the messages we send ourselves, our bodies intelligently reflect back our current state of health and well-being.  

Our bodies are clear examples of what we truly believe. Ask yourself if you believe you can manifest anything in your life. If not, then just start saying, “I believe I can create the life I want,” or “I believe I can manifest anything in my life.” Start creating this NEW belief for yourself.

Today Deepak talked more deeply into this concept and explains how living optimistically manifests for us physically. Deepak explained how our bodies react to thought and thrive through affirmative beliefs.

Deepak said: “What we think, do and say influences our body. With each action our brain sends messages to all of our bodies creating critical feedback loops that carry information for wellness and disease.” 

When we choose to live through a lens of optimism, we can bring our life into balance and maintain Optimal Health or whatever we are choosing to manifest. When we operate from a positive perspective, we are motivated to live the life we envisioned and confidently take steps to make that happen.

They both talked about the importance of doing a daily gratitude journal, which is one of the magical ingredients to manifesting. Being grateful for who we are and what we have right now allows us to take stock of all the goodness in our life. We understand that we’re always learning lessons, therefore we forgive ourselves and others because this moment is just a blimp on our evolutionary path.  

Living optimism invites us to reach higher and become the fullest expressions of Our Intentions!

The centering thought for today from the meditation is: “My life unfolds in divine order.”

Do you have a daily ritual? Do you have power statements or a vision for today? Let me know by replying to this email, and lets cha-cha together!



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