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Eleven years ago when I was 99% in bed, struggling through immense pain with an illness and wondering would I ever be contributing to humanity again, I saw Oprah talk about the impact gratitude made on her life. She said, “If you want to change your state of being, start to be grateful.”

The voice within said YES, I want to be living life upright vs horizontal. At that point I was willing to eat bugs if it meant I was going to be well. However, writing down my gratitude versus eating bugs was way more palatable. I chose then to adopt a lifestyle of gratitude and started journaling my blessings.

I started writing down my thankfulness for things that made me laugh, things that tasted wonderful, things that were beautiful, things that made my heart sing and even gratitude for the pain. It was then that I started to shift and heal. It connected me to my soul like nothing thus far had. I started to see life differently because it was fueling my soul and my heart with a whole new dimension of “feeling.” It opened the door to experience myself and the world differently.

It is easy. Put a notebook in your kitchen or on your night stand next to your bed. Right three to five gratitudes daily. Start with:

  • I am so grateful . . .
  • I am so thankful . . .
  • I am so blessed . . .

When I moved my Gratitude Journal to the kitchen, my Dreamy Guy started to do daily gratitudes with me. It is a great way to get the family involved. This allows expansion of their heart too.

Oprah mentions in her discussion about gratitude at the bottom of the page (scroll down), if you are “thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

That is powerful.

Hands-down, gratitude is good for your soul. Choose today, Thanksgiving, to make it a lifestyle for you each day.

Happy Gratitude Day!