“I thank God everyday that I woke up feeling this way…”

What is your get movin’ song or your song that makes you feel alive?!

Let’s tap into our inner child TODAY…take a break and listen to this song and get up and dance!!!!

This is my new song that I have been playing for the last several days and dancing with this gal. Hold on song changes at 40 seconds in:

She warned everyone. So here it is.Traffic at a complete stop on I65, and Lisa is dancing between cars.UPDATE: To see more of what it's like to live with Lisa and her crazy antics check out, https://www.facebook.com/LifewithLisaSmoot/

Posted by Lee Smoot on Saturday, May 19, 2018


She is showing us the power in “free to be me” no matter where you are. This is such a great video…makes me laugh.

When we fuel more of that inner child our vibration rises, and when we raise our vibration our mental health changes on how to approach the moment we are in, and it allows manifesting to happen. Let’s raise our vibe today!

What’s a song that gets you feeling happy and groovin’?