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Alive and Vibrant At Any Age Summit

Date: Starts June 6th, 2017

Location: Online – join me from anywhere!

Cost: FREE!

I was honored to be asked to speak as one of the experts at the “Alive and Vibrant At Any Age Summit” which starts June 6th, 2017—and you are invited to attend! It is FREE and online, so you can listen at your convenience. 

One facet of my coaching expertise is focusing on wellness and I am an expert in gut health, which is what Pat Molter (the host) interviewed me about. You will be surprised to learn the #1 thing that our gut is responsible for during my interview. Once you know this it will help you truly understand your energy, why you catch colds or more serious illnesses.

Not only will you hear about easy solutions to gut health, but you’ll also hear stories from 20 others who have gained incredible knowledge about health. You don’t want to miss this!

{FREE Webinar} Become the Architect of Your Life!

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Location: Online – join me from anywhere!

Cost: FREE!

Debunk the one myth that sabotages your vision from happening and discover 7 reasons why your dreams haven’t manifested!

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