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I have both crap and treasures disbursed throughout my home.  You probably have similar stuff but you may call it something different.  Have you ever thought about why we feel we need all this stuff?

I think about that often.  Why in the hell did I keep a note card written to me from a student in 1998 thanking me for some of the marketing lessons I imparted to her at a sales training class?  On the one hand it is just crap and on the other hand if I reflect on what was happening during my life at that time then it was a cherished treasure.  In 1997 at age 37 I became widowed and during that next year people who shared their thoughts and feelings with me about how I helped them were shining golden nuggets of hope for me to hang on to – they helped me get through my dark days and darker nights.  But almost 20 years later it now only takes up space in a box.  Do I really need those note cards any longer?  No.

I know there are two reasons why I hang on to things:  One, it means something to me.  It contains a message from a slice of my past like those thank you notes from my students.  They are reminders of who I used to be and how much I’ve overcome and grown.

Two, I think I will need it in the future so I save it.  But all those clothes that don’t fit, shoes I am not wearing, boxes, gift bags, tissue paper, frames and more are probably never going to be used again.   I just need to give myself permission to let go of my belongings and to know someone else will feel it is a treasure too because they need it and can use it.  There are so many great non-profit organizations and social service entities like Goodwill or the Salvation Army and they will recycle those items from my home that I am not using and no longer need.  And the thank you cards can just be tossed into the recycle bin.

I find when I purge and get rid of the crap in my house that it is very cathartic.  It means that a part of my life from the past I have been holding on to can find closure and be released.  I immediately feel lighter and it makes me literally stand taller.  I find the more I lean into releasing the piles of clutter and the former items I considered treasures than the taller and physically lighter I become.

I am shooting to move from 5 feet 4 inches short to 6 feet tall.  But that may be a bit of a stretch!  This process not only clears the energy in your living environment but within your mind too.   It creates space for the abundance that will flow into your reality because you have literally given it space to manifest.


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