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When I decided to become a co-author in “Women Who Inspire” book that is available to purchase Sept. 26 … it scared the S.H.I.T. out of me.

Ha, ha, ha I totally recall the “thick gulp” when I said ‘yes’ to writing it.

When I did, wow the thoughts came flooding forth. It was like I had opened my file cabinet of life reflection and it was ready to talk…to write.

The word S.H.I.T has two meanings for me. I felt the fear and acknowledged it. Then choose to do some . . . Shifting Higher into Thriving (S.H.I.T.). That is how I started to write on my first day to become a book author.

I shifted myself into mindful enlightenment to guide me on my writings.

I wrote about the pain in my life but I also wrote about the miracles and awakenings I had because of it. The quote above is a quote from my book.

Have you ever thought about writing a book someday? I would love to hear you claim that dream! It is a very freeing experience.

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