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I recently had an experience where I was disappointed by the way a mentor handled a situation.  Over the past few months I have checked in with myself to make sure I was not storing any of the emotions about this situation – or rather to make sure I was finding a resolution regarding my emotions – because in the past I have just shoved my emotions down and not taken any time to process what I was feeling.

When this occurs it can show up as a physical ailment like the common cold, a migraine, or something more serious like an autoimmune disease if you are disconnected from this awareness of your body.  Our bodies show us these physical signs if we are willing to pay attention and accept them. We can then take action to shift our thinking and practice acceptance.

I asked myself daily, “Am I willing to receive the messages and apply the forgiveness I need so I can release this situation?”  I said these words out loud: “Today, I release the past.  My heart is open.  I am open to receive and to shift this awareness into forgiveness and into a loving experience.”  The choice was mine.  I was aware each day that I have this choice to be open to receive.

I was guided to listen again to a class I had heard the week before.  This online class was about the scale of consciousness where a numerical value is assigned to every human emotion and how you can do muscle testing to see if you are operating from fear, guilt, and anger, or if you are operating consistently from love or above.

My muscle testing showed I was not operating consistently from joy.  Yes, I consistently operated from love, but the next level up was joy.  That is where it stopped.

That was a “Wow” moment for me!   I allowed the messages to keep unfolding for me and discovered that sadness is the opposite emotion to joy.  This is what I needed to hear because it was then that I heard the message, “Tal, it’s okay to be sad that your mentor has fallen from grace.  Now is the time for you to heal.”

I took a few deep breaths and asked myself, “Where do I need to go from here?”  I know that breath is powerful to bring forth the stream of awareness.  When I did this I heard the quiet voice of my inner wisdom.

It guided me to do two things.  First, to say: “I see the humor in this situation” and this made me laugh out loud.  Second, to take an essential oil aptly named Joy and apply it to my feet and heart.  Both actions together unblocked my sadness and I felt like I was walking on air.

We have the power within to guide us.  It can open you up to manifesting your life more easily.  Today, make a choice to step into your power.


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