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We all have a divine purpose…a divine assignment—every single one of us.  The question is, are you awake to it?

When we arrived in this lifetime, God (the Source, the Creator or whomever you call that great power within you) assigned to you a divine purpose.  You can take on that divine assignment while you are here in physical form, alive and breathing.  I am passionate about all of us connecting to that power within because, trust me, you will live, think, breathe, do and be differently in the flow of life.

What I want to share is an amazing conversation I had with a business colleague who is creating the life she is living, and I want to teach you how to weave this into action toward creating your divine purpose (or what some call life purpose).

During our conversation I had an epiphany, and it dawned on me that the word entrepreneur (or what I like to call solopreneur) does not fit the description of our work. True, we created and operate our own businesses, but it is so much more than that.

We each began a business through the purposeful desires that were in our hearts.  Our passion is what drives us to get up in the morning and work from our heart-centered, purpose-filled awareness to serve humanity.

We are not solopreneurs and we are not entrepreneurs—we are purposepreneurs.  You probably are too.  If so I invite you to transition to using this word to describe you and your business.

I want to share how I define purposepreneur since there is not much mention of it on the internet.  The definition of purposeful is “having a useful purpose or being intentional.”  An example of this would be a company’s mission statement—that is the company’s purpose. Another example is when we create a business that is born through our experiences and the wisdom we have gained.

Therefore, the definition of a purposepreneur is: A person who creates a business from a purposeful awakening through their life experiences or passions. Often that awakening comes through pain to wake you up.  You unleash that knowing inside to connect to your divine purpose.  You choose to create a business that pays you for who you are.

Purposepreneurs are not driven primarily by money.  Living through their truth, they create a business to aid and serve the world from their vantage point, which is their heart center—their inner knowing driving them.  No other opinions matter but tapping into their truth to serve from that center.

Is it easy?  Definitely not!  Do you worry about making enough money? Yes!  But a purposepreneur is awake enough to know that just going to a job to pay the bills does not fuel the soul.  They must follow their calling of their divine purpose.  That takes courage.

I invite you to claim, “I am a purposepreneur!” or “I am ready to manifest a purposepreneur business.”  The world needs you.


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This article was first published by Sibella Publication online January 2018 issue of Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine



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