Recently I had a conversation with a friend for whom I was providing some coaching advice. Afterwards he thanked me and said, “Thank you Tally, the world needs you.”
Normally I would have responded by saying, “Thank you, and the world needs you too!” – which is sooooooo so true. The world needs all of us to step into what it is we are meant to do and be, and then take action listening to our heart-guidance in this lifetime. 

But there is a pre-cursor to that action.
Instead of my normal response, it overwhelmingly hit me that… “The world needs us to be kind to ourselves. It needs you to be kind to yourself.”

Many people spend too much time beating themselves up with the ”should of’s”. For example,

  • I should have my life together.
  • I should not waste time.
  • Or simply, I should have—or should not have—done that.

Instead, here are a few ways to be kind to yourself:

  • Take a nap and hold back judgement that you “should” run that errand.
  • Give yourself recognition. Often, we are quick to acknowledge the achievements of others, but slow to acknowledge our own. Choose to see your greatness.
  • Indulge in self-care! Spend some well-earned time on yourself, like getting a massage, eating at your favorite restaurant, or whatever is pleasing to you. Try not to follow up your relaxation with thinking that you “should” have spent that time/money doing something else.

When we use the word “should” it places judgement, so watch that word and gently move yourself toward being kind to yourself.

The new normal on how to contribute to the world and step into the power of “the world needs you” is to first be kind to yourself…every day.

What kind act do you plan to do for yourself right now?