“The Blueprint to Manifesting your Life is an exceptional course. Tally’s exquisite knowledge, endless energy and practical life applications for everything she teaches has deeply inspired me. I’ve been able to make fundamental changes that are taking me in wonderful new directions that I couldn’t have done without the support of Tally and the group. Many of this is in the “small but powerful” daily changes that make a tremendous difference. I plan to use her tools and listen to the classes over and over to continue inspiring my journey ahead. She is also an outstanding coach!“ ~ Cathy Kehoe
“The class Manifesting has given me a new perspective. Before taking this class, I would suffer occasional panic/anxiety attacks that rendered me useless, with little ability to talk and some have knocked me off my feet (literally); but now I know how to breathe properly and it has allowed me to control these episodes from becoming full on panic attacks. I have experienced three since taking this class and each time I have been able to control it better. I am more in tune with me and this only continues to grow as I do my daily chakra prayer and daily I am statements. I would recommend this class for those who want to take back control. It gives simple but yet very powerful action items that help de-stress and grow. Thank you for this, it has changed my life for the better.” ~ Sherry Kriescher
What a great course – who knew I’d get so much out of just 4 lessons! But, really, I got so much—AND so much more than I could have imagined. My life is still reverberating with everyday examples of progress. Thank you Tally. You really shined for us.” ~ Judie Smith
“Tally Hayden is one of the most enthusiastic, present people I know! Her passion and sense of purpose lit me up the moment I heard her voice as a trainer in Chicago 2013! She’s got a whole lot more than what it takes to soar – so be ready to go beyond what you imagine when you work/play with Tally. Tally-ho and away to a manifesting an integrated joyful life, living on purpose with play and passion.” ~ Roxanna Rutter
“Friendly, family oriented, and warm environment. But she is much more, she helps those find their way in life by showing ways to declutter your life and begin to believe in yourself again.” ~ Sherry Denny-Kriescher