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I was honored to be asked to speak as one of the experts at the “Alive and Vibrant At Any Age Summit” which starts June 6th, 2017—and you are invited to attend! It is FREE and online, so you can listen at your convenience. Just sign up here!

One facet of my coaching expertise is focusing on wellness and I am an expert in gut health, which is what Pat Molter (the host) interviewed me about. You will be surprised to learn the #1 thing that our gut is responsible for during my interview. Once you know this it will help you truly understand your energy, why you catch colds or more serious illnesses.

Years ago I was very ill myself. It was a journey of pain, depression and fear because the conventional ways could not help me… I was at a very low and dark period in my life for a long time. I was struggling with depression and heavy metal toxicity. I had been working on detoxing for 3 years and I felt lost—and this is just the tip of the iceberg. My journey out of the darkness allowed me to gain wisdom around health and wellness which is wisdom I am able to share with coaching clients. Sign up for free and join us on June 6th to learn more!

Not only will you hear about easy solutions to gut health, but you’ll also hear stories from 20 others who have gained incredible knowledge about health. You don’t want to miss this!

At this summit, you will truly embody that you can become alive and vibrant at any age. I, at 55, am still ecstatic that I can run upstairs, two steps at a time! That’s my claim to fame! I am still planning on being able to do that at 90 years of age.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is struggling with some extra pounds, feeling bloated, lack of energy, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, brain fog, has forgetfulness, negative thoughts, complains a lot, a child with autism or other health/personality issues.

We will share with you how food and essential oils can impact our bodies and mind. Join me in the comfort of your own home as Pat interviews 21 experts (including me) who have life changing stories. I hope to encourage you as we learn how to feel younger, think sharper, and grow fit with each passing year.

About the Host

Pat Molter is a published certified Aromatherapist, holistic educator and cancer survivor. She was introduced to a new way of eating which included plant-based foods and smoothies to help the many harmful side effects of chemotherapy. Since then she has dedicated herself to this lifestyle and educating others. Not only does she have more energy—she is also living cancer free.

Join us on our journey to becoming Alive and Vibrant At Any Age!


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