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This is always an interesting time of year, as the current year comes to a close and the New Year is just days away.  I do love this time of year because it always seems to make me FEEL emotions of reflection…both good and not so good.  I like to embrace the spectrum of these feelings.

Often we have just spent time with loved ones and we are all now back in our own homes, and there is a longing of these memories that are already past.  My brother came to visit from Idaho to see his daughter in Chicago (my niece).  They celebrated Christmas with me.  It was special to take in family time.

It always, always pulls at my heart strings when they leave.  It takes me back to my family house in Juneau, Alaska on Gold Street.  So much laughter and fun with my parents and seven other siblings—I wish we were all together staying up all night to put together a 5000 piece puzzle or playing a board game like Risk to conquer the world.  Did you play that?

I get a mixture of uncomfortable feelings when I am forced to slow down.

Do you?

I use these last few days as an opportunity to unplug and take time by myself, whether it is a nature walk or sitting at a café by myself having a cup of tea to reflect on the past year and what I desire to create in 2018.

One of the most important things I do for myself—and I invite you to do the same—is to answer this question:

What blessings occurred for me in 2017?

This is where I make a list of at least 50 things I am grateful for that I experienced this past year.  What accomplishments do I want to acknowledge for myself?  I make sure I am thankful for things like choosing to honor myself more by providing loving kudos to myself more consistently, or I am thankful for my 2003 working car Thelma that keeps on going.

Then set your intentions and desires for 2018.  You can journal about it by letting your mind wonder with:

What do I desire for myself in 2018?  


What intentions do I want to create for 2018?

Allow yourself to Dream BIG.  Write down those big desires…and the small things too.  It may be a paragraph, or turn into several pages.

Take action…that is the key.

Where attention goes, manifesting flows!

Happy 2018!